EducaTIFF at FULL MOON 2014

EducaTIFF – the media and literacy programme for young audience premiered in 2009, during the 8th edition of Transilvania International Film Festival, with the aim to (re)light the passion of young and very young people for the great magic machinery called cinema and to influence the first important steps towards a consistent school curriculum for media literacy in Romania.

Cinematic education stimulates learning and critical perception, the propensity for analysis and debating on topics and emotions triggered by movies. In addition, through film education, children and teenagers are able to use film as a support for their own creativity and the film industry must comply with their views.

By developing EducaTIFF, TIFF is committed to foster a literate young cinema audience in Romania and has firmly enlisted alongside other similar European projects.

In 2013, EducaTIFF was extended outside Transilvania International Film Festival, with film screenings in Cluj-Napoca, Sibiu, Bucharest, Biertan and Alba Iulia.

Over 3.000 people attended the film screenings, animation workshops, film criticism seminars and cinema lessons. 

Between July 23 -27, EducaTIFF returns to Biertan with fantastic films for children and animation workshops. Cinema activates the children’s big desire for knowledge and inspires their spirit and their imagination. Every child deserves a cinematographic experience!