Special events

FOCUS: ROMANIAN SHORTS – seven films from the past two years that demonstrate the new generation’s growing interest in genre cinema: 12 Minutes (r. Nicolae Constantin Tănase), Dim Light (r. Florina Dumitrache), Square One (r. Emanuel Pârvu), Omnivore (r. Laurențiu Răducanu), The Missing (r. Ion Bădescu), Kazimir (r. Dorian Boguță), Bad Penny (r. Andrei Crețulescu). The films will be screened in the presence of their respective directors.

EDUCATIFF FANTASTIC – during July 25 – 27, the cinema education program returns to Biertan with fantasy films for children and animation workshops. Every child deserves a movie experience!

„SINBOY & BONY PRESENT: „MORBID OBSESSIONS, DEMONIC POSSESSIONS” EXHIBITION – step through the gates of hell into an underground world in which we celebrate the macabre, the weird and the monstrous. Discover two artists established in the underground culture through graffiti, graphic novels, installations, punk and metal.

AFTER MIDNIGHT – after midnight, „La Țăruș” will once again host the FULL MOON parties: Wednesday, the 23rd of July, ECLECTICFM has concocted a playlist that will keep us awake until dawn; Thursday, the 24th of July, CAMIL proposes a musical ingression through horror movie soundtracks, abstract tunes and soundscapes for the modern-day angst; Friday, the 25th of July, ROCK DJ (Cătălin Cristuțiu) will terrorize the innocent dancers with dark disco, abstract funk and adventurous sounds from uncharted meridians; Saturday, the 26th of July, POETRIP, the musical project that has unshackled itself from rules and regulations, will restate the fact that their music is, at once, sexperimental pop, electronic supersonic and comic glam punk.

Every day, starting with Thursday until Saturday, in the Central Plaza and in the Camping site, the FULL MOON FANTASTIC WORKSHOPS will take place (involving monsters, voodoo dolls and a lot of special effects), alongside a brand new program called FUNNY GAMES that ranges from the traditional (volleyball, badminton, water pistols, board games, trivia) to the unconventional (ghostbusting, watermelon carving, the horror tunnel and a few fanged surprises).

This year, we will extend the BIERTAN FANTASTIC LIBRARY. Those who desire to contribute to this project are welcome to bring one book (Sci-Fi, horror, policier, fantasy) for which they will receive one special Full Moon cocktail. For those that are a bit more cinematographic, an original VHS tape or a recorded one with a genre film will have the same effect.

The 3rd edition of the FULL MOON Horror & Fantasy Film Festival, the first festival in Romania dedicated exclusively to genre cinema, will take place on the 23rd – 27th of July 2014, in Biertan, Sibiu.

The final programming will be published next week. All of the transport details, movie access and lodging are available on the website: www.lunaplinafestival.ro.

Passes: http://biletmaster.ro/ron/PlaceInfo/1805666/Full-Moon-Festival

Travelers from Bucharest will have available a special bus (Bucuresti – Biertan and back) on the 23rd and the 27th of July. More details on the festival’s website (http://lunaplinafestival.ro/en) and on the festival’s Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/LunaPlinaFestival?ref=hl).