Full Moon Festival: Special screenings in the “Classic” and “Grindhouse” sections

The second edition of "FULL MOON” Horror & Fantasy Film Festival, the first and only Romanian festival focusing exclusively on genre cinema, will take place between August 14 and 18 in Biertan, Sibiu county.

Beside the feature and short competitions and the „Tenebre” section, "Full Moon" festival returns with the „Full Moon Classic” program, focused on digitally restored screenings of various landmarks of the fantastic cinema. This year's classics area:

E.T. – Steven Spielberg's most beloved film turned 30 last year. "Full Moon" Festival is honored to show it, for the first time ever on a Romanian big screen (!) in the original version, digitally restored in 2012.

Fantomas – One of the most underestimated filmmakers of all time, Louis Feuillade, is the author of one of the most influential fantastic films in history. 100th anniversary screening accompanied live by an original and completely new soundtrack courtesy of Romanian quartet EINUIEA.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show – Brad, Janet, Riff-Raff and Frank-N-Furter return to Transylvania for the now traditional midnight screening of the cult musical directed by Jim Sharman in 1975. Cross-dressers are welcomed; rice is on the house. Let's do the time warp again…

For the most audacious viewers, "Full Moon" Festival launches the "Grindhouse” section, which this year consists of a 3-film marathon aptly titled "Zombies' Night Out”:

The Return of the Living Dead – One of the classics of the 80s, perfect to be (re)enjoyed while thinking about the good ol' video days. The late Dan O'Bannon, co-writer of Dark Star and Alien, manages to lampoon and pay tribute to the genre at the same time. Brains, more brains!

Shaun of the Dead – Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost aka panic on the streets of London… The first part of the "Cornetto trilogy" (followed by Hot Fuzz and The World's End) is an irreverent, intelligent and bloody comedy – in other words, an instant classic. So, who died and made you fucking king of the zombies?!

Cockneys vs Zombies – Toronto and San Sebastian Audience Awards for this mash-up which looks as if Guy Ritchie directed The Walking Dead. Veteran film fans will recognize Honor Blackman in a supporting role. In other words, zombies galore!

In addition, starting with the 2013, "Full Moon" and the American Cultural Institute are organizing the "American Masters” program. The star of the first edition is the veteran director Brian De Palma, present in Biertan via two of his classics, The Fury (1978) and Blow Out (1981) – both in digitally restored copies – and, as a Romanian preview, his most recent opus, Passion, distributed in Romania by Independența Film.

The full screening schedule, the jury and the additional special events will be announced by the end of the week. Additional info about transport and accommodation on: www.lunaplinafestival.ro.

Festival passes can be bought on: http://biletmaster.ro/ron/PlaceInfo/1805666/Full-Moon-Festival.

The first edition of "FULL MOON” took place between 16 and 19 of August 2012 and gathered over 3000 viewers. This year, our festival remains completely independent and self-financed. In order to accomplish everything it set out to do and in order to have an Europa-worthy edition, the team decided to launch a 100% Romanian crowd-funding with a target of 20.000 lei. This is just a fraction of the budget, but it's vital for turning "FULL MOON" into the ultimate fantastic experience.

Our partner "in crime" is Crestemidei.ro, a platform designed exclusively for crowd funding campaigns. For additional info please go to: http://crestemidei.ro/en/lunaplinafestival. There's no such thing as "a bit of money". There are only lovers of cinema.