Made in 1922, FW Murnau's Expressionist masterpiece is an unofficial but reasonably faithful condensation of parts of Bram Stoker's novel Dracula. Alongside Metropolis (1926) it is one of the very few European features from the 1920s that is still regularly shown and it is considered the first great horror film ever made. Wearing astonishing rodent-like make-up Max Schreck cuts such an iconic figure as the undead Count. 90 years after its premiere, Nosferatu holds a strange dreamlike grip on the imagination and its incalculable influence on fantasy and horror cinema means this is essential viewing for anyone seriously interested in the development of motion picture art.
The special screening during the first edition of the „Full Moon” Horror & Fantasy Film Festival will have an original score performed live by the  be accompanied live by the Einuiea quartet.