Rules & Info | Full MOON - Horror & Fantasy Film Festival
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Rules & Info

Buying a season ticket or a single ticket gives you permission to attend the Festival, but it also confirms that you agreed to the rules and regulations stated by the organizers.

The single ticket is for one screening and can be bought from the cinema. The season tickets can be bought from the INFO POINT or the camping. There are two types (different colors) of bracelets, both granting access to the films and "La ţăruş" bar, while one of them also grants access to the camping. Bracelets are fixed on the hand can must be presented when entering a location. DAMAGED BRACELETS ARE NOT VALID AND CANNOT BE REPLACED!

The festival takes place no matter what the weather is like. The organizers can change the schedule, some screenings being moved to new or current locations. Please check the rating of the films.

The "Full Moon" bar in the Central Square has internet access.

The water is not fit to drink, the water reserves are limited, so please don't waste them. Use the festival glass instead of the unrecyclable plastic ones.

Restaurants/Pubs are to be found in the Fair area in the Central Square, open daily between 9 AM and 10 PM. The "La ţăruş" bar in the camping is open between 8 Am and 4 AM. In the Central Square there is the Unglerus restaurant and winery and a pub by the Karloff Auditorium.

Shopping. Throughout the festival, there will be a Traditional Fair. Biertan has two supermarkets – one by Karloff Auditorium, and one across the school hosting Vertigo Cinema, by the  camping, where you can find fruits and vegetables. Inside the fortified Church there is a bookshop.

All payments must be made in cash. There is an ATM opperated by CEC inside the old people's house, which closes at 9 PM.

Cars can be parked in the special parking-lot by the camping. The parking ticket must be placed in the windshield. The organizers are not responsible for any possible damage: scratches, collisions. Parking in the Central Square is forbidden. Please use the adjacent streets.  

Any person attending the festival agrees to being filmed or photographed during the event.

Lost and found. Lost objects can be recovered from the INFO POINT.



The camping is open from the very first day of the festival to the very last. You have to give your personal information (name, address, identity card data) to the entrance.

"La ţăruş" bar is open between 8 AM and 4 AM. Here, you can find water, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, snacks and personal hygiene products.

Access inside the camping area is allowed solely to those who have a seasonal ticket. Guests are not allowed in the area. Those who wish to enter must acquire a seasonal ticket.   

Valuables can be kept in the safe deposit box by the "La ţăruş" pub. Objects are sealed and, in order to unseal them, take some out and seal them back one has to pay the fee again. Organizers are not responsible for the safety of the objects left in the cars or the tents.

You can find sockets at „La Țăruș”, but please use them no longer than 30 minutes per session.

Garbage – please don't leave garbage at the camping site or in the alley – there are trash cans by the toilets. It is forbidden to throw cigarette stubs on the ground.

Fire. Fire camps or barbecues inside and around the camping area are strictly forbidden.

Pets. Dogs are allowed inside the camping but solely with a leash, while the more dangerous one must also have the muzzle on. They must be kept under close watch at all times. It is forbidden to take the dog inside the toilets. The owners must remove the dog poo from the camping area.  The owners take full responsibility for their dog's actions.

Drinking alcohol is allowed inside the camping but you can't leave the camping with beverages bought from "La ţăruş". Those who drank too much will be refused additional drinks at the bar.

Please keep the noise down between 12 AM and 9 AM. Those who are excessively noisy will be denied access inside the camping and the organizers will call the police. DRUG USE is strictly FORBIDDEN.

Toilets & Showers – please maintain them clean and report any trouble. Don't waste water, please! Showers are free of charge for the camping residents.

Dishes can be washed at the sink near "La ţăruş".


It is strictly forbidden:

• to dig holes/ditches, to spill hot, salty or dirty liquids inside the camping area, to pee anywhere but inside the designated toilets.   

• to camp if you're an unaccompanied minor.

• to enter the camping area without a seasonal camping ticket.


Entering the camping area means that you've accepted the rules and that you are ready to abide by them. Any breach of the said rules can lead to the evacuation from the camping area.